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July 11, 2008


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OMG- Walter is adorable. I don't really like English bulldogs but I am a sucker for them as pups. I also have a soft spot for English bulldogs because one of Tags first friends here was an English bulldog named Molly. It was love at first sight when he met Molly on our before-bed walk. Every time he saw her, he would go crazy, like his tail was going to fall off. And when we passed by Molly's building and she wasn't out with her owner, Tags would try to go in and find her- so cute.

The new puppy in my neighborhood is a chocolate lab named Gulliver who is all ears and paws- he's so cute. Unfortunately, his owner is not but very nice.


What a doll! Such a doggie-licious neighborhood! All the best and watch out for that Scottie!

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Thanks for the comment Kim! I love the cards and stationary on your website.

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