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July 28, 2008


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Fabulous. I love the eyes...they look like little gum drops...and so, so emotional.


The Eyes are amazing, I will never understand why is there so much selfishness in the human heart God made us to his image and God is love so why the brutally and painfully slaughtered in animals. I cannot imagine how Nigel was able to see such brutal abuse but I am glad that he is doing something to help these animals.

--Half Marathon was Awesome I ran for The American Cancer Society since I Volunteer for them and 4 other Charity. I try to encourage this lady that was given up @ 400 meters after holding her for 15mins she cried and said "I am really sorry young man but I cannot make it". It made my time slower but the experience was pricesless. Since was running in memory of her father and mother. I told her they will be proud and I will finish in there name.I was overly happy to help a stranger and able to finish in 2hrs.-
Thanks for your Support and encouragement Sir Frank!


Of course, it is all about their eyes. Not only big and round and black, but wet, as if with tears. And so low to the ground, they are always looking upward.

Michele Kelly

Omarcito - I'm sorry I don't know you, but your helping this woman actually brought tears to my eyes. How very selfless of you.

I too think it is amazing what Nigel has done for the seals...I give him great credit for being so strong as to stand by and not shoot the people who are slaughtering these beautiful and helpless animals. His work will make a difference.


The more this slaughter of these beautiful, sweet animals is brought to the forefront, the more chance there is of finally ending it!!!!!!! Omarcito...you are to be commended. You did a wonderful deed in taking the time to try to help this woman you did not even know. The world could certainly use more people like you, Nigel, and, of course, my Frank.

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