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July 15, 2008


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Hello Frank,
I am not one who admires spending time on blogs, but I do love yours and Melissa Morris'...always such great photos and thoughtful, intelligent writing.

I'll be back:-)



p.s. I wish I were brave enough to pull the indignant "hand down the dog's throat, when Trotter picks up some rubbish, say geese, um..."artwork".(my Choco Lab and Pet Set muse:-)

Stay well,



Ha! You gotta do what you gotta do!


Tags once emerged from my parents pool area with a giant dried out carcass of a curly tail lizard. These lizards are much bigger than the harmless "geckos" that run across the sidewalks and are poisonous if consumed by pets. They kind of look like mini komodo dragons- they are nasty! I thought it was a palm frond then started screaming at him as he got closer with it. I had to pick up the carcass in some newspaper and throw it away. I have also wrestled a fish head from Tags' clenched jaws- so gross!


Oh gosh! you guys are so much braver than I, I'm such a girl.

I've walked Trotter for a 1/2 mile as he clenched a pork chop bone in his mouth and would not "Drop It!"


A fish head? How did Tags get ahold of a fish head? Your stories are amusing me tonight Abigail!

And Kim, I love that you've joined the conversation. All you dog readers need to check out Kim's website! Now Kim, honestly, what would you do if you found Trotter chewing on a discarded chicken wing and there was no he-man like myself to come to the rescue? You'd have to go in.

Michele Kelly

The mention of dogs putting yucky things in their mouths reminds me of an unknown animal skull we have sitting in our garage. When Murphy was around 5 months old he came running back from the woods carrying a skull. Kevin retrieved it from his mouth and we still can't figure out what it is. The other night after hearing and hearing and hearing about Dudley's escapade I was walking Murphy and he started to chomp on a piece of the jaw (with teeth still intact) that he must have found in the woods. Thankfully he didn't get diarrhea.

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