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July 17, 2008


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Gorgeous shots, as usual Frank. Your niece Tatum could easily do a commercial for Pedigree.

Great collar on Louis.

My best...


Thanks Kim! Isn't Tatum a beauty!?


Classic...very young Audrey Hepburn:-)


I know... only with Elizabeth Taylor's blue eyes!

Michele Kelly

How cute are these pictures of Duds and Louis? Thank you Kim for the compliments, I will surely show Tatum the minute she gets home from camp. She'll feel very special that she made Uncle Frank's blog...and I'll have to show her photos of Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.


So great. Louis is very cute but not as cute as Duds, or Tags! Tatum is a beauty. Lock the boys up when she gets older!


Oh my gosh!!!!! Terrific Pics..(as usual). The dogs are great, but, Tatum looks amazing. I think Kim may have something here...Maybe Mom Michele or Uncle Frank should look into/contact the Pedigree marketing people. Yep...a young Audrey with Elizabeth's eyes...Frank, keep it up. The photos just 'keep getting better'.


What cute dogs! I wish I had an anal friend who would help me trim my dog's beard! She wasn't ready for her close-up!

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