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July 21, 2008


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Hello, I just stumbled across your blog amd noticed that you ordered Mathew Scully's Dominion. What an amazing book. I finished it myself a few weeks ago. I am an animal rights attorney in Boston, so I am all to aware of the suffering that animals endure everyday. It is disgusting. Thank you for getting the word out about animal cruelty (horse slaughter, Dominion) The world needs more people like yourself.


Looks like a fun day. What is that hat you are wearing?!


Thank you Taylor. Your comment means the world to me. So many readers would rather I left out the animal welfare section of the blog. Those horrific horse photos caused quite a stir. Most people will not look, do not want to see, and will not discuss. I often wonder if I am making a mistake until someone like you appreciates how strongly I feel, and reminds me that I am not alone in this.

I had to order Dominion and only just received it. I want my book club to read it with me! Unlikely.


Abigail, are you making fun of my hat? It is a Jay Kos coconut fedora, and all the rage.


Hi Frank,

You are the luckiest photographer -- It's Always Sunny in Connecticut:))

I will be asking everyone to read Dominion -- someone should send a copy to Oprah.


these are great photos! it was such a fun day and running into you and dudley made it even better.

...and i never realized how much of a 'cyclist's tan' i have on my upper body.


Hey Mel,

Fab dress and it goes so well with Monty's coat and Frank's ensemble:)


Absolutely fabulous pictures and commentary. We definitely had a terrific time together!!!! Picture perfect day!!!! We'll do it again when the teams return to Greenwich in the fall. Irene

hemp, greenwich

Nice pics, and.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Yes, I am making fun of your hat and who says it's all the rage? I want to know...

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