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July 21, 2008


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Happy Monday Frank,

I trust you had a fine weekend...

Rasberry's my favorite; looks like a little mound of jewels.

Adorable shots of Dudley and Monty:- http://melissacmorris.blogspot.com/


Thanks Kim! I just posted a photo of Mel and Monty with me and Dudley.


It has been a little rough since Pat and Perry have been born. Peggy has been primarily sitting on the nest, although last night I did get a quick glimpse of Pauly when he came to visit.

Peggy has been very overprotective of Pat and Perry and throughout the entire night was pecking at the window. I think that she wanted me out of my bedroom, but at this point in time she is just going to have to learn how to share. It was a sleepless night, but hopefully they will all be in better spirits tonight!


Lori! I cannot believe I am finding out that Perry hatched in a blog comment! How are they feeding the babies? We need a photo.


I have not been able to get a photo yet, and only realized right when I wrote the comment that Perry hatched.

I have not been able to witness the feeding yet....i am hoping at some point Peggy is willing to share and let me watch!

We will get some photos tomorrow.

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