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June 30, 2008


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Well, well, well... You're back on track!!!! Sooooooooo great to see you again. I agree... these babies are terrific. Wild life abounds in CT.

Michele Kelly

Okay, so I will take the SUBTLE hints and send photos as they grow. Next time I will try to sneak out our back door and come around to the front yard to snap some close ups. They visit us every day, sometimes twice a day. I will definitely keep you updated because they grow very fast. They chirp like chicks. I know this because they were busy chirping along the hill in our yard as they followed their mom to the back woods.
There is a baby deer with spots and its mother who also visit. I will try to get pictures of them too. I witnessed the baby running around our woods the other morning at 6:00. It was having so much fun and then eventually rejoined its mother to jump over the stone wall and visit our neighbors.


I can't believe you didn't take pictures of that baby deer! Get on it!

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