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May 06, 2008


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i was a friend of and went to college with Kamil Salah back in the 90's, and for some unknown reason, i googled his name tonight,
only to see that he had died so very young.
i searched the web to find out more, and came across your wonderful blog -
i just wanted to say thank you for sharing
your friendship with Kamil - i am so in shock that he is dead - thank you again.


I can still picture that 'CRASH'... and remember the fear that enveloped me when it happened! The whole crowd said 'OHHHHHH' in unison and were almost as relieved as I when you and Renaissance got up and dusted yourselves off. Amazing that you ever had the courage to ride and JUMP after that..but you did. Can't keep a good man down. This was a beautifully written piece. Keep it up!!!


Hi Leslie,

I hope you check back for my reply. I am sorry you just found out about Kamil, but knowing that I shared my story with you makes me happy. Thank you for reading and writing.


Michele Kelly

Where do I begin? So beautifully written and straight from your heart. I had no idea that you would take him out to the track, nor did I have any knowledge or recollection that Renaissance was a race horse. I do remember driving in the (shall remain nameless) and all of us discussing names. How we ever came up with Renaissance, I don't know, but it certainly did suit him. I was so young and I guess naive, because I had no idea the true talent, diligence or courage it took you to ride everyday. I don't remember that crash, and maybe it's better that I don't. Now that I am older and a lot less naive, I get quite nervous to watch you play polo. Although it is quite calming to be around the horses. They truly are gentle giants. All I know is I was quite happy to read that you called me skinny. I'm actually tearing up.


Oh, that was a very sweet comment. But I cannot believe you don't remember the crash. There was even a picture of it I should try to find. It was taken just as we were coming down on the middle of the fence!


hi frank,
thank you for responding -
i realized that i went to college with Kamil in the 80's! (i am in some age denial!)
i am walking with my memory of his goofy sweet laugh...what a beautiful man, i am so sad that i lost touch with him. it's funny, because i had a photography business photographing people with their pets at the same time that Kamil was photographing dogs - so weird. sorry to blog up your blog with my sadness. you can email me at [email protected] if you want to hear about his college days at GW...

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