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April 23, 2008


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we met him at the party and i mentioned to chappy that you had photographed him. he is a very special dog -- calm, gentle, like an old soul. i really hope someone adopts him.


I saw that you and Chappy were there too. How great that you recognized the dog. I want my sister to adopt him, but probably little chance. Since it is Wednesday I am going to see if the ASPCA brings hime to the run today so I can ask about him.

hemp, greenwich

Hello??? You should adopt him!!! If we can have a Maltese...


I hope someone adopts him too. I would do it if I had the space but I don't and I don't think work would be open to two dogs in the office.

Michele Kelly

Frankie - find out the details on him. Our dog trainer may know someone who would like to adopt him. He does lots of placements - mostly for pitbulls and mixes.
How old is he, where did he come from, etc.? I'm curious too.

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