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March 12, 2008


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OH BOY!!!!! I opened your blog when I got to work and.... everyone wanted to know about the 'picture of food'... (your shrimp curry). I've printed 5 copies so far for people. I think you need to pay me commission. Looks delicious.

hemp, greenwich

...simmer a few FISH HEADS???


Yes. Very simple. Any fish monger will give you fish heads upon request. Non oily ones - like no salmon. Simmer them in water for only 20 to 30 minutes. Fish stock.

Or better yet, simmer the shells from the cleaned shrimp.

Michele Kelly

Is this on the menu for Saturday night?


I doubt it.

hemp, greenwich

my comment did not require a response.


Does that mean you're not going to try it?

hemp, greenwich

where's your sense of humor this morning...i'll do the shells.


That is my sense of humor...

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