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March 07, 2008


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I'm shocked to hear you say that you "could give [Dudley] up about as easily as anyone could give up their child". You claim to love your dog yet admit you would collude with a livery driver to hand him into the ASPCA under the false pretense of him having been left by a stranger in the car... You would put him up for adoption as easily as the thousand of parents around the world who abandon their children in shoeboxes at the steps of the local church or synagogue...



I'll deal with you later.


Truly FABULOUS story about Abigail. Tis true... she is as cute and loveable as the picture shows. God bless Anne for 'setting up' the sleep-over. Abigail met the whole family at Olivia's B-day party. She gets along famously with Dudley and Harry, her big brother English Setter. Welcome to the family, Abigail!! And... thank you Anne. Oh, by the way Frank, I have 'DIBS' on Dudley!!!! His girlfriend, Kelsey, is just across the courtyard. irene


Okay, cool it. There will be no "god bless"ing in this blog

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