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March 13, 2008


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awwwwwww, what a cutie! he's so playful and sweet. he also has the best dog eyebrows ever.

hemp, greenwich

what a happy guy!


HA! Thanks Melissa...as apposed to the best people eyebrows, which belong to you.


I love seeing the photos of Dudley and seeing him do his doggie thing. He looks like a happy pup tip-toeing around the leash law.
Keep up the great blog work.


Oh boy.... this is the BEST pic of Duds to date. Email the top one to me so I can print it off. My flowers are coming up also. Great to see Spring coming.


I LOVE Duds. Those pictures are so cute! We need to set up a play date with Tags ASAP!



Michele Kelly

Soooo cute. That first picture is great, I could see him on a cover of a magazine now, or on the cover of your first book.

Kelly Nocca

It is great to see Dudley again! He looks very happy breaking the law!

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