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February 12, 2008


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Sooooo.... Quite the entertaining story....Too bad you didn't have a picture to post with it. I would love to have seen these two 'characters.' (Certainly I mean the 'crazy lady and her dog'... not you and your friend.) Post more of these tidbits!!!

Abigal Blades

Thank you Frank. That story still makes me giggle! For the record, I fully support your displays on animal awareness ie the horse drawn carriage story and the seals. I took the survey about the seals and even sent an email on behalf of banning the seal hunt as it is appalling and beyond cruel. I was only commenting that two depressing stories were revealed back to back and that you might want to mix it up which you have done very well. I love the retelling of our day with the dirty smoker and the hair eater! How about a story on Uno, the first beagle to win the Westminster Dog Show?! What a beauty. I will have to pick up Dr. Divencentis' book as Tags is one of his patients.


I'm so glad to hear that it is Dudley, not you, that has the vet! Now that is a true.."you had to be there but I still describe it very visually to you" story!
Thanks for making me feel like I was there experiencing it all!

Michele Kelly

Frank - great story about the dog run. The hair must have been very dry and brittle to make that crunching sound. When I have more time maybe I can fill some of your readers in about you "acting like you own the dog park" at the New Canaan dog park. Your writing was rather amusing and easy to read. Thanks for the lighter side. How about a movie review - get us ready for the Oscars?


This is a funny story.

I've had some similar experiences with parents and their children...don't GET me started....

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