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February 01, 2008


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Michele Kelly

the turkey pics look cool. Very creative with the bourbon/drink idea. These turkeys are out my window right now eating breakfast. They gobble loudly when the bus comes to pick the kids up and all the kids on the bus think it's really cool.

Abigal Blades

Gobble, gobble. Bourbon will make you very sick if you drink too much of it...I learned this the hard way when I was 16 and decided it would be a good idea to drink several bourban and gingerales which proceeded to make their exit on my friend's bed skirt! I can't touch bourban to this day...


Much better Frank!
Plenty of freaks in the city.Some are good freaks like our friend in the park. An older man who is always reading a paper and engaging passers by in a little conversation. Started reading Intern, an autobiography of a doctor's internship at a leading NYC hospital.Will keep you posted. S

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